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In the Studio again working on new projects.  We had lots of private gigs in between my last post too many to list but as always, we have a good time.  Next performance will be March 12th for one of our favorites,  "Southern University Alumni....  Tickets on sale at eventbrite.... Just search under Southern University.
I'll be more consistent  on my post as time allows.....  Keep it Smooth!!!!!!


What's up folks?  WestBound Groove performing for 100 Black Women is coming soon.  I, myself did get a chance to perform on the Smooth Jazz Cruise 2015 in the Bahamas.  I had  the best time of my life performing with some of the top smooth jazz artist ever.  After returning, my wife and I sold one of our homes and purchased another one.  For the last several months I have been remodeling, painting, landscaping and whatever else that comes up on my "Honey Do List".  My studio is all set up now so I will be back to the grind writing some new material. As for the band, WestBound Groove is open for bookings so feel free to call me for your event.   (916) 230-5009.  As Always, Keep it Smooth......


It's been a while sense my last post.  Hope all is well with all of you.  Here's the update.  Westbound Groove recently performed at the Fire Rock Grill in Rancho Cordova.  We had a sold-out crowd.  If  you missed the show,  there will be more in the future.  Our next performance will be March 15th, 2015 at the Embassy Suites in Old Sacramento.  We will be performing a lunch show for the Southern University Alumni.  Tickets are on sale now at Eventbrite.com   My EP "Serenity" has been completed and will be released sometime in March.  Lastly,  I'm headed to the Bahamas for the 2015 Smooth Jazz Cruise.  Looking forward to meeting several artist and performing.....  Hope to see you at the next Westbound Groove show....

Being an Independant  Artist can be challenging at times.   I wear many hats and I'm not just talking about the ones you see me wear on stage.  Booking the band, meeting and networking with the many vendors/promoters, band rehearsals,  negotiating contracts, marketing, accounting and the books etc. etc. etc. and maintaining this website.  The list goes on.  Why do I do it?  Music is part of my being.  It's like breathing and my heart beating.  Without it I would probably not be here.  Its my food, my nourishment and life support.  I don't mind the challenges and it's a good thing to have the ability and talent  to change hats.....

WestBound Groove has been busy.  We have been playing around town lately.  I'm sure if you were on our mailing list, you received the updates.  If this is your first time here,  please sign-up for our email list and I'll send you a free download of one of my songs, "Happy Feelings", and keep you up to date with our activities.  We have been invited to play at some private house parties and believe it or not,  they are some of the most fun places to perform.  We always have a blast and have on occasion invited some of the guest to participate in playing or singing or whatever they want to do with the band.   The holidays are coming soon, so if you have a party planned for Christmas or New Years and need some great Smooth entertainment,  please feel to contact me.   We also can play for your Birthday party or for anyone just throwing a party for any event.   

5-23-14  My new Single "Sunday Brunch is scheduled for release June 2, 2014.  Look for it on CdBaby.com and iTunes.....


Okay, here is the update.  WestBound Groove was not selected this year for NAMM along with 500 other bands.  You win some and you lose some but life goes on.  WestBound Groove played for the Southern University Alumni March 15th 2014.  We had a wonderful time and hope to be back next year.  Next performance will be May 3rd so stay tuned for the update and further details.


WestBound Groove has submitted our package to perform at NAMM  for 2014 in Los Angeles.  It's a great opportunity.  We'll keep you posted on their decision when we get it.


Wow, it's been a while since my last update so here's the scoop.  The guitar and bass tracks are laid and next week I have the sax scheduled for recording.  I'm also in the process of writing another song called "Serenity".   We also laid the drum tracks on a tune called "Catalina Breeze".  No shows coming  up due to the CD recording.  If something come up that we decide to do (play) I'll send out an e-mail to you if you're on my mailing list.  If you are not on the list please sign up before leaving this site.


The lastest news is that we are still in the process on working on my new tune Sunday Brunch.  Kevin and I teamed up at Alex Dedal's studio so that Alex could  lay some Keyboard tracks, Strings, and horns.  Sounding real sexy at this point.  Makes me want to Cha Cha all night long.  Next,  we will delete the scratch tracks for guitar and bass tracks and lay the real deal.   Should have that done this week.  Progress and being consistant  is creating  the magic ...... check the progress in a couple of weeks.....


WestBound Groove has been in the studio lately working on drum tracks and also laying  tracks  for my new song entitled "Sunday
Brunch".   Our next performance will be for a private event in July.  We are looking forward to at least providing our listeners, fans and friend with an EP sometime this year.....so stay tuned and please continue to check my blog....


Another performance at Carvalho Winery on Martin Luther King holiday was great.  Thanks to all that came out and supported us.  I'm working on a couple of new songs to add to my upcoming CD and dedicating this year to get something out to you.  Thanks for all your patience.  


Well, it's been a couple of  months since my last post so let me keep get you up to date.  Our last performance was at Carvalho Winery.  We had a great time and and I produced a video for you that you may have seen or can see by clicking on the link on my home page.  Our Keyboard player Dave had to move on because of job responsibilities.  Hopefully, he'll be back in the near future if time permits.  Currently, we have Alex Dedal filling in until he gets his project off the ground.  Being a musician can be difficult when you're  trying to balance home life, rental properties, moving, recording, writing new songs, finishing old songs, replacing band members, booking gigs etc.  However, I'm still persistant and continue to move forward no matter what obstacles that I have to overcome.  If any of you need a band for your holiday season, or have any anniversaries coming up in which you need live performance,  please feel free to contact me.  Happy Holidays.......


Have you ever wished that you were in a band, traveling the world, winning grammys, living in a mansion, have a butler, drive expensive exotic cars, and have fans scream your name like you were the next Michael Jackson ( with Bubbles the monkey at your side)..... Well, that was me 45 years ago.  Now that I'm heading toward 52,  I still have some of the same dreams.  However,  I look back and reflect on what's important and what I do have.  First of all, I  thank God for being part of my life and  that I can  get up every day and still wish and dream.  Secondly, I am thankful that I am here to enjoy my wife, My Three Sons,(sounds like the sitcom)  my grandkids, family and friends. As I continue my journey in this life as a musician, I also hope that I can continue to remind myself what this is all about.  To me it's about doing what I love to do and somehow enjoy all the ups and downs and pathways that life on earth can bring.  I'm still on my way, but I know in order to get there, I can't stay where I am........


Hello Everyone,
First I want to thank those who came out to the Summer Wine Fest on Aug. 6th.  We had a wonderful time.  The food, wine and of course the music was all fantastic!!!  We also played at the Mix Downtown on Aug. 9th and seems as if the crowd is growing every week.  I will be taking some time to do some studio work on my CD.  Talk to you real soon.....


Okay, now is the time to get your tickets for the Summer Wine Fest on August 6, 2011.  The featured act is your truely "WestBound Groove".  Also appearing is Garrett Perkins, Ava Lemert & the All Stars and DJ Rock Bottom.  $25 if you drive yourself.  RSVP online at Http://www.sacdaytrips.com  This is a show you don't want to miss.   If by some chance you are not able to make it to the Wine Fest on August 6th, WestBound Groove will be performing the following Tuesday, August 9th at The Mix Downtown on 18th and L Street, from 7 to 9 P.M. and there is no cost so come on out and enjoy at least one of the shows....


It's a Smooth Jazz Concert in Wine Country on June 25th.
Featured acts: Vivian Lee Trio, Sabor Jazz, Ava Lemert, InnerSoul & D.J. Rock Bottom. Only $65 per person, includes transportation, concert, bbq & wine tour. Rsvp online at    http://www.sacwineconcerts.com    or   http://www.sacdaytrips.com

Join us every Tuesday at Jazz in the Mix at Mix Rooftop Lounge 1525 L Street. No cover charge, Happy Hour Pricing & Taco Tuesday, for more information visit http://www.jazzinthemix.com.

Upcoming Shows:
6/14 – Cynthia Douglas
6/21- Caribbean Jazz Collective
6/28-Cecil Ramirez
7/5- Nagual
7/12- Midtown Jazz
7/19- Ava and the All Stars
7/26- Sabor Jazz
8/2- Garrett Perkins
8/9- Tony Elder
8/16 – Utopian Dreams
8/23 – 2nd Planet
8/30-Bebe London

New this Summer : Smooth Jazz Sunset Cruise on-board the River City Queen. Join us on Friday, July 1st for the first Smooth Jazz Sunset Cruise featuring Shadia P. 3 hour cruise & all you can eat buffet for only $49 per person. Rsvp online at http://www.sacriverconcerts.com.

All events hosted by Sacramento Day Trippers & EscapeSac.com.
Jazz in the Mix WineFest in Amador

Just a quick update, we are playing our first Smooth Jazz Sunset Cruise this Friday June 10th in Sacramento on the River City Queen.  Tell a friend and come join us but you'll have to leave your fishing poles at home and just eat, drink and be merry and have fun !!!!!!! Oh and of course, listen to some good smooth groove music.....

I would like to thank everyone who attended our show on May 5th, 2011.  As you know the place was packed with people and from my view point you all were having such a good time.  The promoter told me that it was the most people (80-100) that had ever attended any of the shows at Shenanigans so I thank you again for your support.  Our next show will be Saturday August 6th at Dobra Zemjla Winery in Amador so mark your calendars. 


We just played at Cattleman's Restuarant in Roseville for a private party life celebration of our drummer and friend Jim Demsey.


It is with great sorrow to let you all know that our beloved dear friend and Drummer Jim Dempsey has passed on 3-21-11.  His love, dedication, friendship and determination will truely be missed.  We send our prayers out to all his family and friends.  I'm going to miss you Jim........


After doing further research,  we found out it would better serve us and you to change our name again.  Hopefully, we will be able to move forward now and concentrate on doing what we love most and that is playing and creating music.  "Westbound Groove"  is now the band's name.  With that being said,  I hope you can join us on Thursday,  May 5th, 2011 at   JAZZ ON J.

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Well we went to San Francisco as planned and guess what?  We  were only able to get one song mixed and mastered because the lead guitar parts were clipped on the original recordings.  So I'm back to the drawing board but only have to re-record the lead guitar at a lower level.  Shouldn't  take too long.
Hello everyone,  I'll be heading down to San Francisco on the 18th of this month for mixing and mastering my CD.  We're getting close to the finish product.

Well,  it appears that Jim's cancer has returned.  He is in all our prayers..  We have found someone  to sit in  for Jim while he's recovering.  Our new drummer is Dave Garcia.  Daved joined us a couple of weeks ago and I think he we fill in just fine.  As for my cd,  I'm never satisfied, so I don't know when it will actually be complete.  Perhaps I should let you listen to it and let you decide if you're ready for it.  I do have my debut single already in rotation on:
Http://thecoast.ning.com  You can be one of the first to get a copy by visiting the link to my Store.  I'll keep you posted.

Great News!!!!  Our drummer's cancer has gone into remission.......  All yours prayers definitely helped.....

Jazzmataz made it's first  concert appearance for a crowd of about 500-600 people today.   I will post some pics soon so be sure to come back and
check them out

Hey everyone,  a little setback has occurred.  Our drummer is not well.  Please send your prayers to Jim Dempsey.
It's official.  The new name of my band is
JazzMatazz.   However, I will still have projects under Tony Elder.

Great news!!!!!!!  My new single, " HAPPY FEELING"  is in rotation on
"The Coast Radio, NJ" and is currently Number 1 on the charts.

Hello everyone.  I just recorded some sax last night and the results were good.  I have two other songs that  need some sax.... This year is almost over so I don't think we'll meet our deadline.  The good things is we're  not rushing.  We want  to deliver  to you a quality cd. 

It's been a while since my last post.  Hope everyone is patient.  Well, here's the update.  All the rhythm tracks have been recorded.  The lead and rhytym guitar parts are complete.  Also all effects, bell and whistles as I call them are all completed.  Just need a few sax parts here and there.  I'm planning on getting that started this weekend.  I'm getting more excited as I see the fruits of my labor progress.   Stay tuned for the next episode!!!!!!

I have worked on getting this CD done. It seems like ages.  What I've learned is that many obstacles can get in the way. Here's where I am.   We have recorded all but one rhythm tracks.  The next step is to record the last rhythm track. Next I will record all the lead guitar melodies and and any related string parts, solos, effects, etc..  I will then transfer all the material to my Bass player's recorder for mix down and mastering... From there we'll complete all the logistics for the album cover and get ready for duplication.  Complete all legalities and finally release the CD.  That's alot of work so I'll talk to you later.


The Band and I are on a mini  vacation.  See you in about a week.

Hello Friends,
If any of you have pictures from the gig 6-7-09 at Majestic Lounge, please send them to me.  I would like to post them on my website.


Hello everyone, 
I just wanted to thank those of you who attended our performance at the Majestic Lounge.
For those of you that couldn't make it, perhaps we'll see you next time.  We all had a wonderful time.

  Things did not happen the way we planned.  We accidentally had some of our equipment taken so that delayed our performance start time but once we got started and adjusted our sound while we were playing, everything was okay. I also want to thank Greg and Joyce for having us perform.

  Only three more songs left to record on my cd so stay tuned.  We will be announcing a CD release party when it's all done. 

Be sure to check out the photo gallery.  We have added some pics of the gig.  Special thanks goes out to Willie Young for all that he does.  Willie has taken some fantastic pictures of my band.  If any of you would like to use his services, there's a link below.  Willie is the the owner of YOUNG VIDEO  IMAGING.
Http://www.youngvideoimaging.com  He also does weddings, school events, parties, bands, etc, you name it!!!!