Ray Iaea


Saxophonist, Ray Iaea (pronounced e-I-uh) started playing the saxophone in 7th grade and it's really ironic, that he actually wanted to play the violin, but the saxophone was the only instrument left when it was his turn to choose an instrument. What a blessing that was! Ray has spend most of his musical career traveling in the Netherlands, through the rest of Europe and across the United States, with various bands including the Air Force Tops In Blue. The highlight was performing at the Superbowl XIX Halftime Show.

After settling down in Northern California, Ray played in some local bands and started collaborating with musicians such as Alex Dedal, Beth Iaea and Paul Sanders He has also performed with keyboardist Tony Windle and keyboardist Roger Smith, which is a member of the legendary Tower Of Power Band.  Most recently, Ray performed with Michael Lington at the Jazz On The River Festival.