Tony Who?
His music is soulful and he plays from the heart.  If you love Smooth Urban Jazz and styles like Norman Brown, Nick Colionne, Tim Bowman, Wes Montgomery and George Benson combined into one big pot of hot music,  you will love the sound of "Tony Elder."   What a combination of Contemporary Smooth Jazz with a touch of Urban R&B.  Tony's new single " Sunday Brunch" is so Smooth!!!
The Coast Radio, NJ 
Jazz guitar artist Tony Elder interest in music began early at the age of eight when he found an old beat-up guitar in a dumpster while hunting.   Tony says,  "The guitar had no strings on it so I put fishing line on it and learned the melody of one of my favorite songs.  My mother noticed that I had interest in playing so she bought me a brand new guitar for Christmas." 
By the time he was 13, he was reading music, playing trumpet and became the Drum Major for his Jr. High School Band.  As his interest grew, he would find himself either performing in local bands around town or starting his own groups.  Today he is the founder of TeJazz Music and WestBound Groove Entertainment.  He is also a composer, producer and musical director for WestBound Groove Band.   Tony has "paid his dues" so to speak of being on the music scene for over 3 decades.  He has had radio airplay on KPOP radio and the Coast Radio, NJ as well as appearances at Cal Expo State Fair, the renowned Monterey Jazz Festival,  the Del Paso Community Festival, The Gospel and Jazz Festival, The Jazz In The Mix Summer Wine Festival and the Smooth Jazz Winter Celebration.
He's stepping out on his own and with WestBound Groove to create smooth/urban contemporary jazz music that everyone can enjoy.  His music is the cornerstone of the futures of tomorrows,  HEAR IT!  His soon to be release debut EP is a gauge of where he is and his R&B Urban Jazz roots!!!