J. Kevin Cain

J. Kevin Cain, AKA " The GrooveMaster" is the CEO and founding member of The GMPR Music Group, LLC.  He is a motivational speaker, producer, recording engineer, touring and session bassist.  Some former band mates began calling Mr. Cain "GrooveMaster" during a live performance at a jazz club.  A regular fan of theirs heard them and began calling  him "The GrooveMaster" from that night on.  Others heard it and the name stuck.

Mr. Cain has been a musician for most of his life (over 30 years).  He began playing bass when he was six years old in his elementary school orchestra.  At the time he played a 1/2 size Double Bass.  Kevin continued to play Double Bass until he was 12 years old.  A friend of the family, legendary bluesman, John Heartsman, gave Kevin a semi acoustic electric bass.  He would let young Mr. Cain sit in on 

their Sunday Night Jam Sessions at a local club in Sacramento called China Wagon.  The following year, at 13 years old. Kevin toured Europe, playing bass with John's band. Before he was 18, Kevin had been around the world three times.  He's been playing professionally ever since.