" Dim the lights, 
pour yourself a glass of wine
and relax to the soothing
sounds of one of
the most soulful
smooth urban contemporary
jazz artist rising
on the scene..."

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 one of his most popular singles for free
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Guitarist Elder and his troupe’s brand of jazz is tuneful, easygoing,
thoroughly aiming to please, which makes it perfect background music
for an event where life is sweet and sunny, with zero chance of rain.
“Sunday Brunch” is a pleasant tune on which Elder shows himself to
be a solid, precise musician whose restraint matches the music. Horns
are a welcome addition to “Serenity,” especially the song’s sax solo.
Elder adds some spicy, tropical flair (and nice flute parts) to his formula
with “Senorita Bahama Mama,” which, with the help of its backup
vocalists, achieves the kind of carefree sensuality you’d associate with
a Caribbean cruise. Familiar stuff, well recorded, efficiently performed.

Contact: westboundgroove@gmail.com
Web: tonyelder.com
Seeking: Booking, Label, Film/TV
Style: Urban Jazz


WestBound Groove Band
are  The Winners' of The Northern California Entertainers Music Awards
Best Jazz Band Of The Year!!!



Sami (Artist) Sami

Amazing …..It’s a great pleasure for me to have the chance to listen
to your great tracks.....Wishing you all the best, love & respect


Edmund Simental
Hey Tony Elder, always nice to hear great music, very smooth.  
Walter Robinson
Nice tracks!!
Scott Reighard
I could listen to this all day!
Sonja Quintana
Hi Tony,  Listening to"Happy Feeling".
You're AWESOME!!! I would love to support you on all you do….
"Sounds like a great mind has really created a great sound.
  This sound has the perfect recipe for proof that there is a God.
  Beautiful! Love it! Thanks for sharing..."

Tony Elder and WestBound Groove (WBG) are a well rounded jazz band
who are accommodating,
who play soulfully and with technical excellence.
   This combination will satisfy the need of any
party or concert where high quality music is required.  
WestBound Groove,  hired as the headliner
for my moderate size private party, 
were rained out of the outside venue.
  However,  they moved indoors and under tight condition
performed outstanding to the delight of the many party goers. 
  Tony and his crew are good folk who make any event better by their performance.   
Ted Sopher

" Hello we love your style..."
__ Terrell Griffin and Free
"Wow!  I was so amazed by your music and innovative sound!
  Great song writing and emotional harmonies! from italy...ciao"

__Inverno BNBG
"Sounds cool bro, keep it smooth"
__Marcus Adams
"Hey Tony good stuff"
__Mark Hampton
"Love your music.  Hit me up so we can get you spinning"
__Colleen Coco Spencer, Smooth Groove Phoenix Radio
"Awesome tunes guys!"
__Tao Jiriki
"Hello Tony, It's just like they say.  Very Smooth... Great playing"
__Dave Smith
"Smooth, soulful and laid back all in one word.  OUTSTANDING JAZZ....."

His music is soulful and he
plays from the heart.
 If you love new creative,
Smooth,Urban, Contemporary jazz
and styles like George Benson,
Norman Brown, Nick Colionne
and Tim Bowman,
that's exactly what you'll get
when you listen to
Tony's new single "Sunday Brunch" 
What a combination...
Tony's new single
is so relaxing and smooth!!!


       Smooth, Urban jazz guitarist Tony Elder
has been influenced by Nick Colionne,
Wes Montgomery, George Benson,
  and smooth jazz guitarist Norman Brown.
   I would like to welcome you to listen
to his debut upcoming  jazz
 EP entitled "Serenity" 
  which is soon scheduled for release.

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